The Guild

Game 2: Genetic Mutation Man

Andrew got us a job from a guild that uses necromancy and tries to control vampires.

There was a new doctor in town using science and technology to splice human DNA with animals. His work was interfering with the magic power of the city.

We went to examine his office by pretending to be interested in a procedure for Steph’s character, but really just left behind rats to gather information. The rats learned that the doctor uses a vial of liquid to transform his patients, and there was a back lab where the spare vials were stored.

We tracked the vial supply to a warehouse that had 5 super-animal “people” inside, but they were murdered by Dredge mages. We tried to plant evidence that lead back to them as the murderers, but the police walked in on us. Gray left a mana crystal that Andrew brought, but coated it in ice before dropping it in a vial. Gray also froze the cops in place and we left the warehouse. The rats destroyed the vial supply back at the clinic, so that the tampered vial would be used on a person.

The magic signature was traced back to Gray, Steph tried to bribe the cops, some arrests were made, a lawyer was put on retainer for future issues, you know – a standard game.

The tampered vial did kill a patient and Andrew got the media involved to investigate the doctor. Since a forged document didn’t do the trick, Andrew has the lawyer working on making technology organizations adhere to the same standards of practice that mage guilds have.

We got paid by the necromancy guild. In the end, very little combat eventually lead to success.


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